I am Moon Young-lin, the President of Korea Friendship Association for  International
Education Exchange.
As we are living in the community of that is narrowed down to the domain of globali-
zation, future forecasting and advent of a new paradigm are requested to be shared
with diverse cultures.   We pay attention to practical significance in order to establish
a field for international education and cultural exchanges for globalization.

Education is the strength leads to the future. We would like to provide positive  fut-
ure to young people, where they can become outstanding individuals and fulfill their
dreams through international educational exchange.
We would like to contribute development for Korean education by developing friend-
ly relationships with international education associations and business exchange of ec-
onomic,  social,  education,  science,  culture  and  art,  and other fields between countries.
Thank you.

Moon Yong-lin    

- Professor of Department of Education, Seoul University,    
- Former Minister of Education    
- Representative of Safe Kids, Worldwide    

As globalization is under promotion, a 'Global Village' has been formed. Borders bet-
ween  countries  are  disappearing  and  the world is becoming a family. This family
needs to live together with harmony.
The world still has different values and political systems which cause conflict and mi-
sunderstanding .The essential keywords of the 21st century are “education”, “cult-
ure”, and “environment”. These are also considered to be the “value” of the  cent-
“Mutual interaction” should be done first in order to share and practice these impor-
tant values. The benefit of this is the first step to understand opponents in  depth
and with sincerity.
We  have  programs  that are capable to establish networks via various educational
outreaches, academic and cultural exchanges to achieve this.
Hope you can give us plenty of support and cooperation.
Thank you.

Secretary General     
Han inhee     

- Professor of Department of Chinese, Daejin University